slickline services

WellMax offers complete Slickline solutions with innovative technology through our well-designed fleet of trailer-mounted, stand alone Slickline packages in all well conditions including challenging live well conditions.

We have state of the art equipment, both skid & trailer mounted, besides a very locally & internationally experienced crew having variety of knowledge, skills and experiences to tackle the various challenging and complex slickline issues and provide optimum, customized, safe & efficient solutions to clients from basic completion intervention applications to advanced services.

Boost your well production with reduced intervention costs through WellMax cutting edge Slickline Technology

The use of WellMax slickline unit provides you with a variety of well intrevention services and measurements that are essential during the time a well is in production. Additionally they can measure the depth of the well and well perforation ( Using run gun assemblies) and down-hole pressures and temperatures (Using run gauges). Following is the list of various applications that we help you with..


• Bottomhole pressure, temperature surveys

• Well bore clean out

• Downhole pressure Manipulations

• Paraffin cutting

• Thru Tubing Bridge Plug Installation

•Tubing Patch

• Swabbing

• Shifting sliding sleeves

• Artificial Gas lift services

• Sand Bailing

• Fluid level Checks

WellMax provides MPLT (Memory Production Logging Tool) services to provide accurate and quality well data.


WellMax specializes in providing the oil and gas industry with high quality data to monitor well performance and diagnose potential problems.This easy to operate, portable logging system is offered in a 1 3/8" diameter with a memory availble for the 1 3/8" diameter tool. The highspeed, 4-wire instrument bus and smart sensor based tools allow the

Available Tools

• Fluid Dielectric (Capacitance)

• Fullbore Folding Flowmeter

• Gamma Ray

• Casing Collar Locator

• Quartz and Sapphire Pressure

• Fast Response Temperature

• Accelerometer

• Acoustic Density

• Inline Flowmeter

• Roller Centralizer

Primary Features

• 350F / 15Kpsi operating temperature / pressure

• Complete hardware and software solution for acquiring surface and downhole prduction data

• Memory mode operation

• Bi-directional, digital communications link over conventional single-conductor wireline

• Tool string configuration parameters

• Smart Sensor" technology allow each sensor to identify itself upon operator query

• Built in Accelerometer sensor measures tool movement and inclination

• Compatible with the "Warrior" logging system built by Scientific Data Systems

• Compatible with Windows Vista/XP/NT/2000


• Monitoring of well efficiency

• Production Diagnostics

• Analysis of production profile by zone

• Monitor well stimulations

• Well mechanical integrity analysis

• Time lapse logging

• Well treatment verification

• Analyze injection profile by zone.

The Memory production Logging System provides a complete solution for acquiring, recording, and processing surface and downhole well production date.