WellMax offers complete surface well testing solutions with innovative technology through our well-designed fleet of trailer-mounted, stand alone well testing packages in all testing environments. We ensure efficiency, rapid mobility and safety without compromising on quality services based on extensive field experience and full understanding of the attributes of a well enabling us to maximize the well potentials.

Our crew's competency is vast and they have experience in both local and international oilfields with various challenging issues including handling of hazardous flow streams consisting of  H2S, CO2, solids, high wellhead pressures and temperatures etc. We do offer reliable wireless data acquisition systems with real-time data delivery capabilities and 3-phase fully automated test separators. As our tag line states, our surface well test data guides you in optimization of process ultimately maximizing the potential of a well.

Theory and Technology

WellMax succors you with multiple well test designs including onsite instrument calibration, cost analysis, equipping and commissioning onsite lab. We provide quality End Of Well-test Report based on the data we receive from our reliable data acquisition system.

Through the seperator we can obtain single phase fluids, flow rates and at the same time we can obtain wellhead pressure and temperature, fluid samples, properties of fluids and other data which are used for evaluating the reservoir.

We ensure high performance standards and client satisfaction by operating under strict QAQC procedures, documents maintenance and history of equipment. The following are the typical well testing packages that we offer:

• Stand-alone test package

• Trailer mounted package

• Sand management system which includes Dual pot sand filters, sand cyclones upto 100MMSCFD and 30BOPD flow rates.

• Frac Flow back equipment for high flow rates, high abrasive well control.


• Well intervention, well clean up and flow back

• Onshore and offshore well testing services

• Onsite data reports

• HPHP enrollment

• Early production facilities

• Surface sampling

• FRAC flow backs and drill outs

• Production well testing

• Extended Well Testing


• High quality data generated by using equipment and processes as per compliant with industry standard I.e API guidelines and NACE & with DNV certification.

• Highly qualified and experienced personnel with extensive safety and mandatory training and compliances

• Highly qualified and experienced management team to ensure smooth operations and no NPT


• Basic core compliance training, Well Test Pressure equipment Operation

• Periodic competency checks and enhancements

• Basic Safety courses like First Aid, Fire Fighting, HUET, Personal Survival Techniques

• Leadership and supervisory training

• Hydrogen Sulfide Safety


Our equipment are highly specialized and premeditated for hostile conditions like heavy sand flow operations. All our equipment are built to meet ASME standard guidelines and all the flow pipings meet API 6-A standards to ensure they are structurally sound and be able to withstand the rigidities and pressures associated with oil and gas producing wells.

WellMax has the technology and the expertise to gather precise and reliable well measurements during each phase of the well life cycle in the most complex & challenging conditions.

Below is the typical Layout of our Surface Well Testing Spread.


WellMax also provides surface sampling services be it from wellhead, separator or gauge tanks with the right technology for accurate determination of reservoir phase behavior. Services are as follows.

• Reservoir management studies

• PVT analysis laboratory

• Rental of oil & gas bottles

• Gas condensate & dry gas studies

• Collect surface and sub-surface samples

• Black oil studies.

• Volatile oil studies

• Waxes & asphaltene studies

• Miscribe displacement studies

Wellhead, Separator and Flow line Sampling

Surface samples of oil & gas or water may be collected using PVT sampling kits with a variety of sample cylinders. The following types of samples may be collected.

• Separator PVT samples

• Wellhead Single-phase samples

• Flow line or pipeline samples

mecury free Sample Cylinders

A comprehensive range of sample cylinders are available as listed below:

• Single-phase oil cylinder, stainless steel, 10,000 psi, 700 cc

• Oil cylinder, titanium, 690 bar,, 640 cc

• Luxfer Gas cylinder, 200 bar, 20 litres

• 500cc, sulfinert 500 psi WP Cylinder

Sampling Kit

• High pressure sample transfer equipment including stand, heating jackets, transfer lines and pressure transducer.

• High pressure sampling kit including cylinder stands, fittings, sampling lines and associated tools.

Early Production Facilities

With increasing cost of production & development of reservoirs, WellMax offers a comprehensive package of design, construction, installation & operation of Early Production Facilities (EPF) which help operators monitise production and create early cash flows while full field development is being planned and permanent facilities are being built. EPFs besides helping operators assess reservoir performance before installing permanent facilities can also be used to produce from small reservoirs without spending huge outlays for long term production facilities.
• Early cash flow
• Reduced risk with low initial investment
• Fully automated real time data acquisition
• Informed decisions on short & long term operating options.

WellMax offers a variety of commercial business models for EPFs that provides operators many options to maximize their return on investments:
• Build - Own - Operate (BOT) (Equipment rental and operation)
• Build - Own - Operate - Transfer (BOOT) (Equipment rental, operation with with the option for purchase by client)