Protecting Our Employees and the Environment Is Our FIRST Priority

Health, Safety, Environment AND Quality

Being OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company WellMax is committed to the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environment of the Industry.
Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are critical to the success and long-term sustainability of our operations.
HSE is our basic core value with topmost priority at the heart of all that we do and never to be compromised. WellMax wishes to be the amongst the best service organizations in the industry by maintaining outstanding HSE performance with world class standards of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. We ensure our HSE performance by having committed leadership and teamwork of all empployees.

Consistent with our vision, mission and values we will seek to conduct our oilfield activities in such a way as to avoid harm to its employees, contractors and all other who may be affected directly / indirectly by its activities, damage to surrounding environment, loss/damage to the company owned and customer assets, company and client reputation and also to maintain the highest practically achievable standards of safety, occupational health, environmental protection and quality in our day-to-day business.

With performance standards that emphasize compliance with all relevant state and industry regulations, we strive to maintain a safety culture focused on continuous improvement. Our HSE responsibilities are directed by our HSE vision, mission and HSE Strategy which guide our busniess.


Safety is always FIRST.


WellMax aims to have ZERO fatalities and no NPT (Non Productive Time).


Commitment - All personnel including top management committed towards healthy and constructive releationship with customers by adhering to HSE standards.
Accountability - Management at all levels accountable for ensuring HSE understood and demonstrated by the team.
Proactive - Employees actively engage in safety initiatives, recognising and reinforcing a proactive safety culture.
Leadership - Acive and visible safety leadership and ensuring safey is given the highest priority at all the times.
Customer Satisfaction - Ensure 100% client satisfaction all the times.
Profit - Effcient business operations with profit generation for the company.

HSE Strategy

We achieve our vision by
• Consider HSE a line function and all employees are empowered to STOP Work authority if an unsafe condition exists.
• Compliance with all current ruling HSE laws and regulations is mandatory and is the minimum requirement, and report all HSE incidents which are the prerequisites of working for and with WellMax.
• Engage all employees, expect their contribution and involve them in all HSE Improvement programs.
• Provide the management Structure, Personnel, Financial and Human Resources necessary to maintain and improve the quality of our services as well as minimize the potential adverse impacts of our operations on the Environment and Human Health Safety.
• Consistent with our vision and goals to minimize the risks in our operations, we will manage them through the use of effective safeguards to achieve as low as a reasonably practicable risk level in refining technology.
• Monitor and evaluate our performance in achieving the objectives of this Policy, implement regular Internal Audits & management reviews to achieve responsible self-regulation of the Company’s Operations.
• Strive to meet the aims of this Strategy by developing, implementing and improving effective Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management programs with defined objectives and targets to improve pro-active control of the risks, and create a step change in behavior.